Coast of Dreams: California on the Edge, 1990-2003

Kevin Starr writes in this 2004 book:

* Equally insulting was the parallel notion that Latino immigrants, especially those coming from Mexico, were not only burdening American society, but also were lowering its tone. Worse, the argument ran, they were most likely unassimilable, nor not worth the social cost of bringing up to speed. …California…had no need for the continuing influx of low-skilled, poorly educated immigrants from Mexico…

* As early as 2020, the population of California would reach 47.5 million… [In 2019, the population reached 39.5 million.]

* The white people who in D.J. Waldie’s memoir were dressing in the 1950s in coat and tie on Sundays, their children in starched pinafores or short pants and flat caps, were by the 1990s covered in tattoos, wearing T-shirts and jeans, the men in long hair and earrings, the young people tending to slobdom or punk.

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