It’s Time to Admit That Massage Parlors Have an Asianness Problem

Jim Goad writes:

If there’s anything to be learned from the shooting sprees at three Atlanta-area massage parlors on Tuesday afternoon that left eight people dead, it’s that the massage-parlor industry is disproportionately Asian to a degree that would be comical if, you know, it hadn’t led to this unacceptable tragedy.

Since the shooter is white, WHITE SUPREMACY became the immediate narrative. Almost immediately, people were spreading an obviously forged Facebook post from the killer where he blames China for “the COVID coverup” and calls China “THE GREATEST EVIL OF OUR TIME.”

To be fair, six of his eight murder victims were Asian women. Then again, he also killed a white woman and a white man. He also injured a Hispanic man who survived.

To be even more fair — to the point of pathological and possibly even suicidal fairness in a climate where the Guilt War matters and the Fact War doesn’t — a 2019 study of massage parlors in Palm Beach County, FL “whose services were described as erotic on two X-rated websites monitored by police” found that 70 of the 95 erotic-massage locations “list corporate officers with Asian surnames.”

So the only statistic I was able to dredge up while toiling away on deadline about ethnic ownership of “erotic” massage parlors claims that 73.6% of them were owned by people with “Asian surnames,” which doesn’t even account for Asian owners who may have Americanized their surnames in order to pass. Anecdotal evidence suggests that perhaps a majority of these Asian-owned erotic massage parlors are owned by Asian women.

Tuesday’s shooting spree left eight dead bodies, 75% of them Asian.

So with Asian “erotic” massage-parlor ownership at 73.6% and Asian fatalities at 75% of the total, clearly the culprit is white supremacy.

A Google search for “Asian massage” yields over 32 million results, far surpassing the next closest type of massage that can be linked to an ethnicity, which was “Swedish massage” at just over five million results. But when you search for “types of massage,” the Swedish method shows up on every list, but “Asian massage” never does. Every so often, they might list shiatsu or “Thai massage,” but that’s it.

There appears to be no such thing as a generic “Asian massage.” It almost always seems like a euphemism for “massage with handjob at the end.” And even though this national industry essentially forces countless Asian women into sexual slavery, their lives don’t matter here — not unless their deaths can be blamed on “white supremacy.”

Therefore, you can forget about the fact that 87.5% of Tuesday’s massage-parlor murder victims were women. Even as women-compliant as mainstream culture is these days, they ignored this fact and instead fixated on race.

It’s a statistical fact that the shooter killed more women than he killed Asians. It’s also a statistical fact that men who blame their killing sprees on “women problems” are killing far more people than self-described “white supremacists” are.

The assailant didn’t shoot up any sushi bars or karate dojos. Instead of an attack on the “Asian community,” this seems like more of an attack on the “massage-parlor community,” which just so happens to be disproportionately Asian to a wild degree.

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