Richard Spencer Hosts Heel Turn, Gays Win Oscar Intersectionality Battle Royale 12-7-18

00:00 Richard Spencer’s performance last night discussed
02:32 Brundlefly joins
39:46 Colin Liddell joins
41:30 Greg Johnson discussion
1:03:20 Why Colin Liddell fell out with Richard Spencer
1:05:00 Matt Forney joins
1:14:00 Colin Liddell leaves
1:14:30 Identity Evropa discussed
1:55:00 Brundefly leaves
2:44:00 Ovfuckyou joins (RS, ME fan)
3:33:00 Ovfuckyou went to reform school, wilderness camp as a teen
4:12:00 Doooovid joins
4:36:47 Kevin Michael Grace discusses Kevin Hart’s dismissal as Oscars host, gays have most diversity pokemon points
4:47:20 Owen Gleiberman’s book, Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies
4:57:00 Jennifer Aniston won’t let age determine when she starts a family
5:01:00 Chloe Sevigny is a beach babe in tie-detail black bikini as she enjoys a dip in Miami during Art Basel
5:03:50 Brown Bunny
5:09:30 Baby it’s cold outside controversy
5:13:20 US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says women are the future, too bad for her two sons
5:29:20 Illegal immigrant who made Trump’s bed
5:35:00 Rootless cosmopolites suffer disappointment in China
5:36:20 James Fields convicted of 1st degree murder in Charlottesville
5:54:08 Book Club: The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess
6:21:20 Brundlefly returns to discuss James Fields conviction
6:44:00 Book club discussion alternates with James Fields discussion

Richard Spencer Hosts Heel Turn (12-7-18)

Matt Forney references this article by Colin Liddell:


Colin Liddell’s book:

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