The Jesus Christ Show (3-8-21)

00:00 The Jesus Christ Show,
06:10 Make Noise: A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling,
07:20 Creating Compelling Podcasts at Audible, NPR, and Beyond,
23:00 The unbearable victim complex of Meghan Markle,
37:00 Our new military is going to be great
41:00 Making sense of the Alt Right,
43:00 The Revolt of the Public,
51:00 When the image of my rabbi came to my mind, I couldn’t wank
1:00:00 Why I Think Your Investment Advice Is Bullshit,
1:07:00 Why I Hate Shakespeare,
1:20:00 No Evidence For Voter Fraud: A Guide To Statistical Claims About The 2020 Election,
1:28:00 What’s Wrong with Attacking Our Own Society?,
1:29:00 Ricardo, Claire Khaw and guest discuss Islam as the solution to the West’s nihilism,
1:43:00 A Black sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana condemned police brutality and institutionalized racism. Then he died by suicide,
1:48:00 A Black officer died by suicide, leaving anguished videos. Another officer recognized his pain.,
1:53:00 What’s Wrong with Attacking Our Own Society?,
1:57:00 The police are not racist,
2:06:00 Tucker Carlson on illegal immigration surge

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