How Republicans Can Win As The Party Of The Working Class (3-7-21)

00:00 How did Twitter & Facebook become competent to decide what information is permissible?
05:30 Paul Fussell’s “Class: A Guide Through The American Status System”,
08:00 A Modest Proposal For Republicans: Use The Word “Class”,
14:50 The media turns against Governor Andrew Cuomo
43:00 Do Liberals Care if Books Disappear?,
45:00 Immigration and the New Class War,
51:00 Can Republicans Make Populism Work Without Trump?,
59:30 Google and Urban Dictionary censor ‘Blue Anon’ following widespread mockery of left-wing conspiracy theories,
1:05:00 Disconnected Dissidence and Political Entropy: Colin Liddell’s Shortpod (61),
1:12:00 Colin Liddell and Millennial Woes in Glasgow discuss morality in 2016,
1:18:00 Who’s David Cole?
1:23:00 Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It?
1:37:00 Build Back Better?,
1:42:00 Jim Goad on David Cole
1:59:20 Mexicans vs blacks
2:01:20 Alex Jones wishes he never met Donald Trump
2:08:50 The Myth Of Right Populism
2:13:00 How Republican Politics (And Twitter) Created Ali Alexander, The Man Behind ‘Stop The Steal’,
2:16:20 Former White Supremacist Explains How He Got Out
2:18:30 Dr. Fred Luskin: ” Happier Folks Get More Done with Less Stress; So Can You”,

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