GOP Rep. Appears at White Nationalist Event Where Organizer Calls Capitol Riot ‘Awesome’ (2-28-21)

00:00 GOP congressman headlines conference where organizers push white nationalist rhetoric,
01:00 GOP Rep. Appears at White Nationalist Event Where Organizer Calls Capitol Riot ‘Awesome’,
03:00 PPP Debates Groypers, Black Pigeon Speaks on AFPAC 2021,
07:00 Rep. Paul Gosar Defends Appearing at Event Where Organizer Gave White Nationalist Speech,
09:20 Lies About Paul Gosar, Steve King and Nic Fuentes 2-27-2021,
21:00 Michael Anton Says He Does Not Know Who Truly Won The 2020 Election, But He’s ‘Moved On’,
28:00 The Evolutionary Advantages of Playing Victim,
31:00 John Mearsheimer on the importance of theory,
38:00 California’s shameful vote against Black suffrage in 1870 — and why it still matters today,
58:20 America’s pivot to Asia
1:07:00 Fact-checking claims about Fulton County’s election | These ‘suitcases’ are actually ballot containers,
1:19:50 The Tragedy of Great Power Politics
1:30:00 John Mearsheimer is a rock star in China
1:41:00 The legend of the stolen 1960 presidential election,
1:53:00 Why So Few Absentee Ballots Were Rejected In 2020,
2:02:00 The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,
2:08:00 Is Nothing Sacred? Religion and Sex,
2:14:00 Jews and the American Soul: Human Nature in the Twentieth Century,
2:22:30 U.S. – China Relations, Explained by Michael Beckley,
2:36:00 Rachel Corbett discusses podcasts on Radio Game Changers,
2:40:30 Leaving the ultra-orthodox — Jews seeking a new life in Germany,
2:52:20 Lionel Nation is sick of vile racist commentary,
2:54:15 Lionel Nation on Rush Limbaugh,
2:57:20 The Science of Happiness with Fred Luskin,
3:02:00 Lionel: You’re Being Played, America,

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