Don’t Confuse Voter Fraud Rhetoric With Reality (2-26-21)

00:00 “Voter fraud” rhetoric is really about Republicans seeking voter suppression
12:00 Michael Anton goes on Andrew Sullivan,
37:00 Censorship: 10 Reasons For Optimism,
2:15:00 Four reasons why Zoom is so exhausting,
2:39:00 Texas shut down by freezing weather, no power,
2:42:00 California,
2:43:00 Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America,
2:48:00 Michael Tracey discusses wokeism on Clubhouse,
3:07:00 Heather Mac Donald Warns Tucker Carlson That Dem’s False Racial Narrative Will Result In Race War
3:15:00 Carlson Keeps Platforming Racists!,
3:25:00 Black Astronauts & NASSA

More Nonsense About the Election

On Faux Analysis of Biden’s Win

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