How a Montana Mom Became a Leader in Fighting Antisemitism (2-23-21)

00:00 Why Republicans Can’t Find the Big Voter Fraud Conspiracy,
04:00 Howard Stern and mom fight in 2019 about bar mitzvah,
09:10 How to be an awesome co-host,
10:40 Hosts are Tapping Pros to Polish Their Podcasts,
20:40 What is Borderline Personality Disorder?,
34:00 Tanya Gersh vs Richard Spencer’s mom, Sherry Spencer,
38:00 How a Montana Mom Became a Leader in Fighting Antisemitism,
48:00 Neo-Nazi Website Founder Accused of Ignoring $14M Judgment,
54:00 Where was the Goyim Defense League?
1:30:00 Watching Young Pharaoh going off for getting banned from white media outlets,
1:32:00 Young Pharaoh Calls CPAC Ban Over Anti-Semitism ‘Censorship at its Best’,
1:46:00 Rick Wiles Wants To Seize The Wealth Of Billionaires And Give It To The Poor
1:49:20 Actor Kevin Sorbo speaks out after Facebook removed his page
1:53:00 Mersh on Nick Fuentes, Beardson, Bitcoin donations, Federal investigations, Patrick Casey
2:08:40 JF Gariepy on Young Pharoah,
2:12:00 Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos
2:14:00 Young Pharaoh | Why the Democrats Created the KKK and Why Barack Obama Is a Terrible Human,
2:20:00 Apollonian Germ: The You-Know-Who Fears the Rabbit Hole,
2:22:00 NYT: Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole,
2:29:00 Not Born Yesterday: The Science of Who We Trust and What We Believe,
3:08:00 Tucker Carlson on disinformation
3:24:30 Stefan Molyneux AND Paul Gottfried LIVE on Millennial/Zoomer despair,
4:47:00 John Michael Greer on Donald Trump,
4:49:00 White Noise documentary

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