The Left’s Favorite Conspiracy Theories (2-16-21)

00:00 70% of country suffering devastating cold
02:00 Texas has rolling power outages
04:00 People want a magic key
20:30 Jonathan Haidt notes both left and right deny science
36:00 Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans Full Documentary Directed by Jeff Gibbs,
37:45 Andrew Cuomo dodges blame for New York’s Covid devastation in nursing homes
57:00 The Jewish Question,
1:23:30 Jonathan Haidt: the political chaos isn’t over yet,
1:25:20 Southern Dingo & two latinos discuss ethnic identity,
1:47:00 Analysis: David Pakman v Richard Spencer,
2:07:10 Nick Fuentes on Richard Spencer
2:09:00 The Goyim Defense League,
2:18:00 Nick Fuentes on Patrick Casey 2/15/21,
2:26:00 Mind-Body Syndrome aka Back Pain,
2:26:45 Bobby Fischer Comparing Jews To The Devil. Also Mentions Jesus Catholics and Arnold Schwarzenegger
2:28:50 Southern Dingo on Patrick Casey vs Nick Fuentes,
2:35:00 Howard Stern apologizes to his mom for masturbating to Gilligan’s Island
2:38:50 Lionel Nation,
2:44:00 Apricot Sky (1995),
2:49:00 Better Bachelor: 300 women surveyed, and yes, they still find a way to 100% blame men,
2:52:30 Kenneth Brown’s creative process,
2:54:00 Kenneth Brown compilation,
2:59:40 Lionel Nation on Valentine’s Day 2021
3:01:00 Christian Zionist says Jews are superior
3:06:45 Russell Brand: Building A Better Society: have we run out of new ideas?
3:08:40 Russell Brand on porn addiction,
3:15:20 Abide With Me – Acapella Arrangement,

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