Impeachment II

My nihilist friend says: “Given the dying down of interest in politics post election, the people who really love it, I’d imagine mostly out of lack of other outside interests. Like, I’m having hard time grasping who really gives a shit about impeachment trial. I really don’t care either way. It’s of zero interest. If I was a news segment producer, I would do close to zero on it as possible. Ann Coulter, yes, you were right about Trump. Yes, his daughter is a disaster. Yes there is no wall. Yes demographics are changing. Yes, neo liberalism holds the whip hand. Why shake your fist at the wind though?”

Bud: “The most reliable heuristic for me is that those in possession of the truth are relaxed and good humored when engaging with dissent. Those uncomfortable with the other side of the argument get triggered and angry.”

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