The Great Covid Class War

00:00 The Great Covid Class War,
05:00 Greg Gutfeld on L.A Times Virginia Heffernan: We need Trump supporters.. they know how to fix things
30:00 Vaush on homo fascism
31:00 Destiny DESTROYS the LEFT while WATCHING VAUSH
40:00 Babs joins
57:10 Elliott Blatt joins
1:57:00 Civil Discourse and America,
1:58:30 Gandalf joins
1:59:00 Steven Pinker,
2:16:30 Mark Steyn on Thomas Friedman, China
2:21:00 Why Israel Leads the World in Vaccinating Its Population,
2:24:00 Nigel Farage, Mark Steyn on Covid killing conservatism
2:28:00 Redbar on Jordan Peterson,
2:33:00 Ivor Cummins on Covid,
2:35:00 Covid in Ireland: lockdown sceptic promises crowdfunded documentary,
2:38:10 Tucker Carlson on Big Tech censorship
2:44:00 Babs joins to discuss Covid lockdowns
2:54:20 Glenn Greenwald on media censorship
2:57:00 Closing song,

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