The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Won the 2020 Election (2-5-21)

00:00 World premiere Monday for Apricot Sky (1995)
03:00 Richard Spencer quits Twitter,
05:00 Our problems are not our problems, they are symptoms
18:00 The psychology of sports fans,
26:00 Saagar Enjeti: Ted Cruz’s EMBARRASSMENT Shows Why GOP Is Completely SCREWED,
1:14:00 Babs joins
1:21:00 Ricardo joins
2:11:00 Volksgmeinschaft,
2:15:40 America at a Crossroads | Benjamin Ginsberg and Rick Hasen with Pam Fessler,
2:16:30 Electoral law scholar Rich Hasen,
2:32:35 They so horny? Professor Hamamoto has a dream that one day Asian men will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the character of their penis.
2:47:00 The case for short sellers
2:52:00 Lou Dobbs fired
3:27:30 Angelo John Gage’s platform: This is not a game!

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