The Prophet Mohammed

Why do non-Muslims keep saying, “The prophet Mohammed”?

It’s so patronizing. We don’t do that for other religions. Do we say the prophet Joseph Smith? Or the prophet L. Ron Hubbard? Or the prophet Ellen G. White?

Dennis Prager made this point on his radio show today. “Does Friedman write the Christ Jesus? Or the prophet Moses? Of course not. It’s so politically correct.”

Tom Friedman recently wrote about why are moderate Muslims not protesting massacres such as the one at Fort Hood.

Where is the good being done in the name of Islam?

You keep telling us what Islam isn’t. Please tell us what it is. Why do a million Muslims pour into the streets to protest cartoons of Mohammed but not one will go into the streets to protest mass murder in the name of God?

Dennis: If we are going to say that our religion is a force for good, we need to provide examples.

To say that most Muslims are not terrorists is not exactly a moral achievement.

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