First We Take Manhattan (1-19-21)

00:00 The spiritual struggle ahead
06:40 Race and IQ, Fascinated and Horrified,
22:00 The Science of Spiritual Narcissism,
41:50 The sociology of biological intelligence (Gottfredson, L.),
59:00 What’s So Bad About Storming the Capitol?,
1:20:00 Rob Henderson,
1:23:00 The Prime Fallacy: Misunderstanding Appearance,
1:27:00 Ideology Isn’t About Ideas,
1:42:00 The Biden-Harris Administration,
1:46:00 A Grim Illustration of the Toll of the Pandemic,
1:50:00 Will the GOP fracture? No.
1:57:00 Fox News Launches ‘Purge’ to ‘Get Rid of Real Journalists,’ Insiders Say,

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