Ann Coulter Was Right?

A friend says: Politics can only be interesting if there is a win here and there for both teams. Trump might have appeared to be a big win, but increasingly just look like a meaningless anomaly. Culturally the left is in turbo charged domination. It’s a blowout game, and I’m turning the channel. It’s over. To live in reality means accepting as normative whatever is offered. You can crack jokes or snark on twitter for a year or so but reality sets in.

Trump was delighted by the mob he’d unleashed on the Capitol, but according to sources, appalled by how badly dressed they were. He “expressed disgust on aesthetic grounds over how ‘low class’ his supporters looked,” one Trump adviser told New York magazine, adding, “He doesn’t like low-class things.”

Ann Coulter is spot on, and should not hold back in the slightest. She is still somewhat in the Overton window and disavowed his hucksterism long ago. He was as lazy and disingenuous as she claimed. Drudge looks like a big winner too, sized up Trump and ran away. Ann’s column is so biting, so accurate in my view. ‘The Dems despise the working class and Trump uses them.’ Luke a good question is, is better to be despised or used?

She seem inordinately fixated on Israel though. Seems like a non sequitur. Evangelicals wanted it, and Trump delivered for those voters.

Ann doesn’t like working class people either, or lower class people, no one who has money wants to hang out with them. I have the good sense to be a nihilist in that I don’t assume anyone is truly authentic, myself included.

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