The Last Days Of Trump (1-8-21)

00:00 The problems with pursuing your dreams
04:00 Finding your mission in doing God’s will
22:00 Answering chat questions
28:00 WP: Video shows fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol,
38:45 Richard Spencer: THE 18TH BRO-MAIRE,
1:12:00 Tucker Carlson: Who will stand up for everyday Trump voters facing retribution from the left?,
1:18:00 Alt Right Talk (Mike) joins
1:26:30 Should everyone take politics seriously?
1:27:00 Should everyone take religion seriously?
1:50:00 Michael Tracey: Donald Trump’s ruinous legacy,
2:11:00 Blind hatred of elites
2:22:00 Your mind on /pol/
2:29:00 The search for external validation,
2:43:45 Where do you feel the anxiety?
2:51:00 Haftorah for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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