Sailer: Alternative Timeline NYT: Mostly Peaceful Protesters Call for Electoral Accountability Inside Capitol

Friend: “Yesterday was a metaphor for Trump’s candidacy and presidency: said some stuff to stir up people, people act/vote based on his rhetoric, he’s completely unprepared, has no one wiling to ruin career for someone who inspired zero loyalty. Then just disavows the whole thing, and watches tv.”

Steve Sailer: “It turns out that when you have only four cops to hold back a mob, and when two of the four are women, well, for most intents and purposes, you only have two cops.”

Sailer writes:

These kind of mob actions in Madison went on for months in 2011. But they’ve disappeared down the memoryhole because the mob was Democratic. So, therefore, they were the Good Guys, not the Bad Guys. It’s hard to remember facts that contradict The Narrative.

In contrast, the childish LARPers who got into the US Capitol today will of course go down in Narrative infamy, like the Charlottesville LARPers. They were the designated Bad Guys already, so their bad behavior plugs seamlessly into the prefab Narrative.

That’s not fair, but that’s how it works.

By the way, do Democrats now favor the use of facial recognition software for prosecuting the trespassers?

Democrats have objected to facial recognition’s use in prosecuting tens of thousands of BLM looters videotaped doing Undocumented Shopping during the George Floyd mourning process. But perhaps they will now have a change of mind over facial recognition’s utility.

Another question: How much rioting would there have been in D.C. if Trump had won?

We can tell who was the main threat by the behavior of D.C. business owners who boarded up their windows during Election Week until Joe Biden was announced the winner.

From 10-6-18: “Protesters opposed to Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the US Supreme Court swarmed over Washington — massing at the Capitol, disrupting the confirmation vote in the Senate and banging on the Supreme Court building doors when Kavanaugh arrived to be sworn in.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* A few hundred losers playing at being revolutionaries going up against losers playing at being cops and then chasing away a few hundred losers playing at being congressmen, all over a loser playing at being president.

* This reminds me of that Jimmy Stewart movie, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. But this is more heartwarming…

* The NYT coverage today went out of its way to call the protesters violent. To some degree they were, but the difference from how BLM and antifa are covered was glaring.

The only solace i take from today’s ridiculous events is that, by and large, the protesters WERE “mostly peaceful”.

It’s bad that they stole stuff and broke some stuff, but at least they didn’t shoot or hurt anyone or set things on fire.

But between the Georgia loss and today’s incitement and the ammo that it hands the left for years to come… Trump is REALLY saddling his supporters with a lot of baggage on his way out.

* Capitol cops don’t really do much in the way of actual policing, so they aren’t stress tested. Anything off the Capitol zone is DC’s problem, the White House is Secret Service’s responsibility, etc.

I predict this woman’s death will not be the spark for rioting; no chain big-box stores will be looted; no bridges across the Potomac will be blocked with barricades; no graffiti will be spray painted onto Federal buildings / monuments; no statues will be tipped over; no churches will be burned, etc. and etc.

The cop who shot her will not be doxxed, no mob will be sent to his / her home to terrorize the family. There will not be an arrest, nor will there be demands for one.

In other words, the MAGA’s will not act like BLM / Antifa, last year’s pampered pets of the progtards.

For this self control, we shall all be punished.

* All the news headlines are reporting something like “Armed Rioting, woman, shot and killed”, making it sound like the rioters shot and killed a woman. You have to read the fine print before you find out it was the cops shooting an un-armed White woman.
If it had been a Black woman shot and killed by cops in a left-wing protest, the headlines would be screaming, “Racist White Cops murder Un-armed Black Woman!”, the whole country would be up-in flames.

* The Guardian has the word “mob” in no fewer than 5 headlines in the UK edition. Surely they’re “protesters”?

“The incident provoked a stream of derisive comments on social media, comparing Trump unfavourably both to the presumptive Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, who visited protesters and to the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. The hashtag “#bunkerboy” became a trending term on Twitter.

Greg Sargent, who writes the Plum Line blog for the Washington Post, wrote: “President of the United States cowering in fear of delivering a national address while instead issuing deranged tweets from his underground bunker somehow persuades himself that the world is laughing at someone else.”

The activist and author Amy Siskind was equally scathing. “Trump hiding out in a bunker Friday, and shutting off the lights at the White House Sunday – both over a few hundred protesters – will be forever remembered as defining moments of his presidency when he was revealed as a coward, not the strongman he advertised.””

* I keep hearing on the TV that violence doesn’t work. What? The hell it doesn’t. BLM spent the Summer burning and looting every major city in America. They were rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars and more power than any political party in the US. Their adherents caused billions in damage and helped themselves to tens of millions worth of DIY reparations and no one lifted a finger to stop them. Whatever else, violence works an absolute treat.

Oh, and you senators and congressmen, cowboy up a little bit. You were afraid? There was a loud and angry crowd outside and you thought they were going to hurt you? That’s how a store owner in Kenosha felt. That’s how the McCloskys felt. Remember that emotion next time you feel obligated to barge in front of a TV camera to excuse rioting and looting. Next time you feel obligated to tell us you’re proud of Jacob Blake. Next time you get on Twitter and exhort your followers to donate to a fund to pay bail for rioters. You created this monster. You nurtured it, sheltered it, and allowed it to grow. And now it’s come home to eat you. Good luck and go fuck yourselves.

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