Richard Spencer’s New Project – REM Theory (1-5-21)

00:00 How a livestreamer can enhance your life,
04:00 Podcasting
06:00 The typical TV news report
12:00 REM Theory: Part 1,
15:00 An introduction to REM theory,
45:00 Introducing LIONELMEDIA.COM (The Most Important Forum Available Today)
54:30 Myth, Symbol, & Religion: An Introduction to REM,
56:30 Collective (2019 doco),
1:04:00 Gotta love the logic of bioethicists…,
1:06:00 The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia 1880-1939,
1:11:30 Kamala Harris plagiarizes MLK’s story
1:20:00 Jonathan Bowden, ‘Wyndham Lewis A British Modernist Life’,
1:28:00 In Our Time: S10/30 Yeats and Irish Politics (April 17 2008)
1:33:00 Lionel Nation: It’s #Georgia. Plain and Simple. For All the Marbles.

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