Interfaith Wedding On MTV

Eighteen months ago, I interviewed Orthodox rabbi David S. Gruber who’d become a secular humanist and was doing interfaith weddings.

I caught up with him this weekend. On Nov. 27, he emails (his website):

Tomorrow I will be officiating a San Antonio wedding that will be prominently featured on a reality show on the Hispanic Channel of MTV.

One of their most popular shows is called "Quiero Mis Quinces", a reality show that goes behind the scenes of quincenieras. They will be wrapping up that show this fall, and rolling out their follow up program, "Quiero Mi Boda" (roughly, "I want my wedding") which will start airing the beginning of next year. The idea of the show is to highlight weddings that involve intercultural relationships, where one side is Hispanic and the other is not, and to show how couples and families deal with such weddings.

I will be officiating for a couple, where the bride is a high school teacher of Catholic Mexican descent, and the groom is a Jewish Air Force pilot. The rabbi the couple found actually pulled out of officiating for them at the eleventh hour, as he did not want to be on TV. I stepped in literally a week ago, when I was contacted by the show’s producers.

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