Scott Adams Says Narcissism Is Junk Science (12-27-20)

00:00 Scott Adams on NPD,
07:00 The map is not the territory
50:00 The Wasteland,
1:05:00 Colin Liddell joins to discuss Scott Adams,
1:08:00 Bloggers/Vloggers chasing applause,
1:10:00 Luke batters his audience
1:18:00 Greg Johnson of Counter Currents
1:26:00 Richard Spencer
1:28:30 Matt Heimbach, Matt Parrott
1:35:00 The slow-motion car crash of the Alt Right
1:43:00 What happened to the laughs on the AR?
1:44:30 The National Justice Party
1:45:20 Patriotic Alternative
2:04:00 We Had the Vaccine from the Start—You Just Weren’t Allowed to Take It,
2:35:00 Luke’s journey to the psychiatrist,
2:50:00 From Heavenly Sanctuary To Earthly Synagogue,
3:03:30 The Frum Reporter
3:04:30 Eric Striker on based Hispanics, (1:44:00)
3:14:00 EMJ on confederate statutes coming down, Roberta Kaplan, lesbian lefty lawyer, (20:00)
3:24:00 The Simplest Way To Spot Narcissistic Personality Disorder,
3:27:10 The Truth About Technocrats,
3:32:00 Real Narcissists – Dangerous Narcissism,
3:39:00 Dr. Fauci’s Admission is SCANDALOUS – Lawyer Explains,

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