The end of the liberal international order (12-22-20)

00:00 The arc of history does not bend towards democracy
03:10 Michael Malice On Biden And The New Right
07:00 John Mearsheimer: The end of the liberal international order
36:30 A Lot of Friends Fell Down the Racist Rabbit Hole | Michael Malice
44:00 Michael Malice: Anarchy, Democracy, Libertarianism, Love, and Trolling,
50:25 Colin Liddell: The decline of the Alt-Right into Alt-Liteism and Stormertardery,
1:13:20 Dana White says the show will go on for UFC
1:19:00 The greatest livestream of the decade, Baked Alaska meets Sammy,
1:21:00 YOBA, Year of Baked Alaska,
1:27:00 Jared Taylor racist in Japanese
1:29:00 Jared Taylor racist in French
1:33:40 Greg Johnson on Covid-19 and excess deaths
1:45:40 Redbar Destroys A Florida Homeless Man (Mersh),
2:16:00 RED BAR RADIO S13E20 Mexicans Rant July 8, 2015
2:30:30 Andy Warski on Redbar supercut
2:37:00 Redbar – Know More News – Hypocrisy & Lies!
2:43:00 Nathan Cofnas on the origins of Covid-19 (more likely lab than wet markets),
2:47:00 Jared Taylor on Black Lives Matter
2:52:10 Donald Trump’s four-minute talk today is reminiscent of Trump 2016
2:55:00 Yes, the new federal budget includes $500 million for Israel. No, that isn’t a surprise.,
2:59:20 Tucker Carlson on covid relief bill
3:12:00 Millenniyule 2020: Josh Neal
3:16:00 ‘Life In A Northern Town’ (Dream Academy) – Pub Choir in Brisbane,

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