The National Justice Party’s Sophisticated Strategy To Enlist White Liberal Support (12-1-20)

00:00 MW’s Milleniyule starts Dec. 15,
07:00 Evaluating the scale, growth, and origins of right-wing echo chambers on YouTube,
10:30 Baked Alaska brags to hot girls about how much money he makes
21:30 Siskel & Ebert & the WASPs
24:30 Mike Cernovich says the Georgia Rally was a disaster for Republicans,
32:00 Nick Fuentes speaks to a Stop the Steal rally
36:00 Are We What We Watch?
50:00 Confessions of a Sugar Daddy,
1:07:00 Academic Agent on voter fraud,
1:12:00 Lin Wood
1:14:00 Heather MacDonald on the crime upsurge
1:17:00 VDare bought a castle in West Virginia,
1:20:00 Michael Tracey, Aaron Mate, on From Russiagate to Election Fraud,
1:28:25 Colin Liddell on the 2020 election,
1:49:50 EU diplomats busted in Brussels “lockdown orgy”
1:52:30 Glenn Loury outraged
1:54:00 Sugar daddy,
1:56:00 Michael Savage that strip clubs are open, churches closed in San Francisco
2:02:20 Michael Savage says the country has been an oligarchy since the beginning, we’ve only had the delusion we’re a republic
2:07:00 John Rivers: the entire LGBT movement is born out of Anti-White Hate,
2:18:00 Barr Weighs In,
2:25:00 The key numbers behind the 2020 election,
2:34:00 Mike Enoch up from libertarianism, Mike Enoch complains the Jews are subverting Thanksgiving

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