If War Should Come (11-28-20)

00:00 If War Should Come
06:00 Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941
08:00 Michael Tracey on election fraud claims
15:00 One Not So Giant Kick for Womankind
20:00 Beyond the Fringe play
26:20 J.F. Gariepy LIVE on media bias in covering 2020 election fraud/irregularities
48:00 Steven Crowder’s fraud week
54:00 Is Trump a fascist?
1:15:00 Brad Griffin joins Richard Spencer to discuss the election of 2020, Trumpism without Trump, and the long trajectory of “right-wing populism.”
1:18:30 Steve Turley, academic grifter?
1:41:00 Beyond the Fringe performance
1:43:00 A young vigorous church
1:48:40 Beyond the Fringe on S2E10 of The Crown
2:03:00 Steve Sailer on the Psychology of Movies

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