Happy Thanksgiving! A Place For You (11-26-20)

00:00 Douglas Burton AND Paul Gottfried LIVE on Dominion and the 2020 vote
05:00 Aberfan disaster and its parallels in America 2020
10:00 California Secedes From Black America
17:00 Truth is the Only Client: The Official Investigation of the Murder of John F. Kennedy
20:00 Christopher Caldwell: The Biden Popular Front Is Doomed to Unravel
30:00 Tucker Carlson on Thanksgiving
36:00 Midnight Ruling Exposes Rifts at a Supreme Court Transformed by Trump
44:20 JF Gariepy: I Am Thankful For This Kraken
50:20 Vox Day drops white pills
1:17:50 Skip & Shannon upset by Mike McCarthy smashing watermelons to motivate his Cowboys
1:22:00 Dem Ballot Inspector Says She Was Threatened with Violence for Speaking Up About Suspicious Activity
1:36:00 Dooovid joins
2:10:00 Matt Forney critiques Mike Enoch’s National Justice Party
2:14:00 All the Rage: Saved by Sarno

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