Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade

Deanna Lynn, the ex-porn star turned Christian, writes in her 2019 memoir:

* In Tucson, it was hard to be a white girl. I was often accused of being a racist, even though I was the one picked on for my race. Classmates were looking for any reason to provoke me into fighting… If they said I was racist, then they could justify bullying me. Everyone knew that I hated violence.

* My cool older sister officially dropped out of school, became a stripper, got a fake ID, and could get us anything we needed to have a good time. Her gang-banger boyfriends…looked out for us.

* One night, we went to the bars… After they hung out with my dad, we came back to their house. A man was waiting in Kristen’s bed. “I’m in a lot of pain from cramps,” she said. “Would you mind taking care of him? He’s going to pay me a lot of money. I really need it this month for my kids.” My codependency kicked into high hear. I took care of business for and officially turned my first trick.

Prostituting was a dizzying mix of demoralizing and empowering. I am now getting paid for doing what I already end up doing when I’m drunk.

* I was fascinated with how addicts judged other addicts for what drugs they used and how…

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