A Place For You (11-13-20)

00:00 Paul Gottfried and Bill Lind discuss “What Is Cultural Marxism?”
38:45 Nazi Tries to RECLAIM the Proud Boys from Blacks; Jews in Hilarious Coup
45:10 Andy Nowicki: Tucker Carlson: gatekeeper extraordinaire
1:03:00 Winklevoss twins vs Mark Zuckerberg – anti-gentilism?
1:28:00 The Pen and the Cross: Catholicism and English Literature 1850 – 2000
1:35:00 Nick Fuentes leads Stop the Steal rally in Lansing, MI
1:55:00 Inside the Canberra bubble: Liberal ministers’ relationships with staffers prompted ‘bonk ban’
2:11:00 ‘America is not racist’ Heather Mac Donald breaks down BLM, cancel culture & wokeness
2:19:00 CNN: Pentagon senior adviser accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money and getting rich from ‘the Israeli lobby’
2:25:00 Is America experiencing a coup?
2:28:00 The History of Russian-Germans in Kazakhstan
2:32:00 Tom Luongo: How to Prepare for the Great Reset? Get Antifragile!
2:43:00 Matt Christman says politics is entertainment for the working class
2:45:00 Babylonian joins
2:55:00 Blaming a new social hierarchy for the rise of populism
3:07:00 Duck Dynasty political analysis
3:09:00 Attorney Sidney Powell

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