A Place For You (10-23-20)

00:00 Trump won last night’s debate
03:00 Joe Biden wants to end fracking, oil industry
22:00 Rudy Giuliani segment of Borat 2
31:00 Alexander Treisman, accused of plotting to kill Joe Biden, is son of prominent Jewish attorney once called ‘Schindler for Tibetans’, https://www.jta.org/2020/10/23/united-states/alexander-treisman-accused-of-plotting-to-kill-joe-biden-is-son-of-prominent-jewish-attorney-once-called-schindler-for-tibetans
41:00 White Noise – Inside the Racist Right, https://www.theatlantic.com/white-noise-movie/
1:53:00 Paul Gottfried Q&A, https://twitter.com/CottoGottfried

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