Trump Leaves Hospital

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* There’s an endearing quality about Trump.

He doesn’t give a damn. He just says f*** it, I’m going for a joyride.

Meanwhile, everyone in the media’s head is exploding in flames.

The absurdity, bizarreness, and sheer hilariousness of the whole thing is surreal.

I, for one, am so grateful that I have an opportunity to be alive in this era. The entertainment value cannot be overstated.

* Did the left just now take losing their minds to a new dimension?

The doctor’s and other personnel at a military hospital of this stature, would never cover for a dishonest political trick even if the president requested it. And given the MSM’s deep dislike of Trump, they would never cover for him.either.

To think that this is some kind of hoax is beyond absurd.

* The media, of course, is already spinning this video as “Trump selfishly endangers health of Secret Service drivers.” For normal humans, however, it’s a great piece of theater, as well as (hopefully) a sign that the President is on the mend.

* Trump recorded that video at around 7pm Saturday 10/3. That was roughly Day 2 of the Wuhan Death Cooties which is essentially a version of the flu. The last time I had the flu, on Day 2 I was lying in bed, sweating like a pig, struggling to get a breath, not moving other than to take care of the necessary bodily functions.

The idea of getting out of bed on Day 2, putting on a suit and tie and recording a video regardless of the necessity of doing so would have been completely unthinkable.

And now the doctors are saying he might be discharged tomorrow, Day 4 of the Cooties.

Trump demonstrated once again what a stud he is.

* This morning I was watching the Sunday Morning show on CBS and Ted Koppel was interviewing a guy who was bemoaning the influence of “right wing” commentators like Ben Shapiro, who are now getting many more Facebook hits that “reputable” news providers like the NY Times. My son, who is not particularly Trumpian, happened to be in the room and he said something like, “I would have a lot more sympathy if the MSM hadn’t thrown away its own credibility and neutrality.” And to prove his point, he clicked over to the CNN web page and sure enough the lede was some sort of hysterical anti-Trump headline.

* After spending months denying the dangers of COVID-19, Trump is expressing an emotion aides have rarely seen: fear. On Friday, Trump grew visibly anxious as his fever spiked to 103 fahrenheit and he was administered oxygen at the White House, according to three Republicans close to the White House. Two sources told me Trump experienced heart palpitations on Friday night—possible side effects of the experimental antibody treatment he received. Trump has wondered aloud if he could defeat the disease. “Am I going out like Stan Chera?” Trump has asked aides, referring to his friend, New York real-estate developer Stan Chera, who died of COVID in April.

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