Trump Tests Positive

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* What’s the angle to play here? If Trump sails through with few or no ill effects it shows the public that the virus isn’t really all that bad and/or that Trump is in better shape than Biden and/or that hydroxychloroquine works, just like he’s always said.

And how the hell is Biden going to survive an exposure to the virus? I would imagine that eventually every major politician is going to get COVID, just because meeting with lots and lots of people is part of the job description.

OTOH, if the virus takes Trump I’m not sure that having Mike Pence at the top of the ticket would be a bad thing…

* Weird that the market is dropping. Did the marker think Trump was going to be peacefully re-elected?

* Remember when Dan Savage went around licking doorknobs to infect Gary Bauer with the flu?

This has the Left’s fingerprints all over this.

* Chances are good that Trump will beat Covid. He will get the best treatment available. Plus, he is very healthy. He has unbelievable stamina. But if he dies MAGA will go nuts. For sure they will believe their god-emperor was murdered.

* How is Boris Johnson doing?

Last December he was said to be a political genius who’d finally solved Brexit. I don’t hear that kind of talk about him anymore.

* Masks do both. Especially if you are wearing a real N95 mask and not a rag over your face. They may not be 100% effective in stopping all incoming (or outgoing) droplets but they reduce the viral load.

The way a mask works is not like a spaghetti sieve. Rather on a microscopic level it looks like a forest of trees and the droplets are like skiers going down a ski slope. If it is a dense forest, most of the skiers are going to go splat on one of the trees before they make it to the bottom of the slope. Air can flow in between the spaces of the trees.

How seriously you become infected depends in part on how big of a whiff of virus you got in the first place. This is why some otherwise young and healthy doctors died in the early stages of the pandemic, before it was widely understood what was going on – they received massive doses of the virus from people in a highly infectious phase and it overwhelmed their immune system.

Once the virus is inside of you it becomes a race between the virus reproducing exponentially and your immune system kicking in. Getting a big dose gives the virus a head start in the race – instead of 1, 2, 4, 8 it becomes 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 – you get to big numbers much faster. Masks reduce the # of particles that you inhale – not 100% but up to 95% and this makes a big difference in how sick you get. A small # of virus particles may even be caught by your innate immune system (mucus membranes, etc.) and you don’t get infected at all.

* Trump’s BP is given as 121/79.

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