The Invention Of The Jewish People

David Deutsch writes:

As Humor Editor of America’s Longest Running Jewish Sight Gag, Jewdar is not unaccustomed to being accused of providing ammunition to the enemies of Israel, the Jewish people and good taste in general. In those rare occasions where such charges have any basis (okay, so maybe the last one isn’t so rare), we can sleep easy knowing that the writings we generate tend to be true, and/or clever. That is, while we at times focus on the Jewish demimonde, that stuff is true, and when we make stuff up, at least its funny.  

Although we haven’t read it, from what we’ve read of it (and sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover), The Invention of the Jewish People, by Israeli professor Shlomo Sand, can claim neither verite nor virtuousity as a defense.

From what we gather, the book "demolishes the myths and taboos  that have surrounded Jewish and Israeli history."  Powerful stuff. And how does it do that? Apparently, by trotting out a variety of claims, none of which are new, some of which are already disproven, all of which are irrelevant. Again, we haven’t read it, but it seems apparent from the review, that Sand himself makes no claim to be presenting new material. 

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