Antifa/BLM Set Small Boring Fires In Portland

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The adjective “small” is not reassuring when combined with the word “fire”. “There’s a small fire in your house/apartment/office/car” is not the sort of statement that puts one at one’s ease. The use of this qualifier by the media to downplay acts of arson is comically inept.

* How would the Washington Post report a “small” fire set by a “protester” in their own reporters’ offices? Or at their homes?

* This kind of stuff makes you wonder if we aren’t in for a repeat of the “shocking” 2016 election results. The MSM and Democrats alternate between ignoring, downplaying and tacitly approving and justifying the violence this summer. But you have to think there must be a fair number of moderate Democratic voters appalled by all of this.

Portland, Seattle and NYC riots won’t change the election results, but it won’t take many Democrats in Philly, Minneapolis and Madison staying home to alter the results in November.

* If you are participating in protests that turn violent and destructive every single night, then you are part of the violence, even if you aren’t part of the “smaller” break-off group. You’re like the Muslims who come across Ahmed and Sulejman building bombs in the mosque but say nothing to the cops. Does the MSM make excuses for them?

Oh wait, I guess they do.

Incidentally, isn’t it interesting how much less Islamic violence we’ve been seeing in the West these past few years ? In the last term of the Obama Administration there was something almost every single month. It’s almost as if by showing a little self-respect and casting a lot of votes for right-wingers the West showed Muslims that we are ready to put them in their place. I suspect Trump’s “racist” travel ban, and reduction of refugee admissions, hasn’t hurt.

* The question for them is not whether the fire is “big” or “small” (there are no “small fires” – every fire that consumes a building or even an enormous forest starts with a “small” fire) but WHO set the fire and WHOM the property that is being consumed belongs to. If the exact same size fire was set by a bunch of white guys in KKK robes and the property that was being burned was say a black church or a synagogue, would the Washington Post ever in a million years concern itself with whether the fire was “big” or “small”?

* As someone observed recently, “The news used to tell you that something happened, and you had to decide how you felt about it. Now it tells you how to feel about something, and you have to decide if it actually happened.”

* I spent a couple of hours today in Borough Park & I didn’t see a single mask. 2 months ago , on a similar trip, everyone was wearing a mask. A few people I asked told me they know of no new infections over the last month and the community has concluded that they have herd immunity.

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