Kamala Harris – The Affirmative Action Candidate

From comments at Steve Sailer:

* I don’t understand the logic here.

I would think Whitmer, Warren, Klobucher, etc. as VP would guarantee a Biden win at this point.

Black women aren’t going to vote Trump just because Biden chose a white VP. Whereas blue collar whites in swing states might be wary of Kamala.

* To the extent that Obama was ever accepted as authentically black by African Americans, it was because of his marriage to Michelle. And Barack looks kinda sorta like an American black. Kamala does not look African American and she’s married to a Jewish guy. Do African Americans identify with her?

BTW, when Obama ran against Bobby Rush, blacks told “Obama so white” jokes about him. One was, “Obama so white, when the riots start he run out and buy hisself a TV.” I also liked, “Obama so white he say the whole word,” and “Obama so white when he read Malcolm X, he say Malcolm the Tenth.”

* Sheesh. This reads like a cry for help or a secret message being sent out in Morse code from a POW.

Basically, the between-the-lines message is Biden and his family don’t like or trust Harris, realize that she doesn’t really bring that much to the ticket, and get that she’s eventually going to stab him in the back for her own self-interest again. But they’re basically stuck with her because blackety-black-black.

It’s a sad but almost too perfect microcosm of what the rest of us live with.

This really is the ticket of flaccid boomer cuckery. If Biden can be pushed around this easily now on race, how much worse will it be as he ages in office, he’s a self-admitted “transitional” caretaker figure to the woke tide represented by his Veep, and BLM has just come off of an election-year-long exercise in moral and literal extortion?

* Obama made an earnest and dedicated (if often rather ridiculous) effort to connect with African-American culture. In addition to the marriage to Michelle, there was the moving to Chicago to be a community organizer and the church with the wacky pastor. It may have been a largely unrequited love for the first 25 years of his career, but we can’t say it didn’t pay off eventually (albeit in a triple-bankshot way that saw him winning over white liberals before he did blacks). Our esteemed host on this blog wrote a book all about this journey.

Kamala never made that effort, and stuck with being a sort of unplaceable Amerimutt by way of California. She also definitely does not have Obama’s rare “blank screen” gift that allowed him to seem sunny, uplifting, and messianic while still letting the public project whatever they wanted to see onto him. As hard as they might be trying to coach her, the human costume doesn’t fit her well.

I’d be interested to see how black women versus black men react to her. I can’t pretend to any insider insights. But I could see black women wanting to see themselves in her: wildly successful in a government job, having using that WAP for all it’s worth from day one, married to a rich white guy and not stuck with some useless black bum, having another white man who might be titularly the most powerful man in the world next year as her bitch, not having to ever be stuck with any man’s kids, and, to top it all off, having the good hair without having to work for it.

Black men supposedly already are supportive of Trump somewhere in the 30% range (which isn’t to say they’ll vote that way, just that they poll with that kind of approval). And they might say to themselves “she wouldn’t marry one of us but she put plenty of us in jail.”

* One of the funniest parts of the “Rising Star” biography on Obama was his typically white reaction to the OJ Simpson verdict.

“Three days later, everyone’s attention turned to California when a Los Angeles jury astonishingly acquitted former football star O. J. Simpson of murdering his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, with many African Americans celebrating that verdict. Barack was crestfallen, later remarking that it “was pretty clear that O.J. was guilty, and I was ashamed for my own community to respond in that way.””

Also, he favored typical cocaine, not the crack-cocaine strongly favored by the brothas. If Obama had to choose between micro-brews and Old English Malt Liquor, you know what he’d choose. Red wine.

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