Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* People magazine 1996: “‘Brown reserves some of the swagger for his social life. Named one of the world’s 10 sexiest men by Playgirl magazine in 1984, he “has had a succession of girlfriends,” according to James Richardson, a Sacramento Bee reporter whose biography of Brown hits stores next fall. “The measure of his flamboyance is he’ll go to a party with his wife on one arm and his girlfriend on the other.” As for Brown, he only requests that his date “absolutely be the best-dressed woman in the room.”

* Maxine Waters got her start as a bag man (bag woman? bag lady?) for Willie Brown. She was just bright enough to follow orders, not ask questions, and never peek inside the packages she delivered. Big rewards eventually followed. As Maxine demonstrates a career as a bag man (bag woman? bag lady?) offers golden opportunities for low IQ individuals to achieve financial and limited political* success.

* The moment Joe publicly tapped Kamala and Willie said she’d work her backside off for Joe just like she had for willie, I knew it would be a happy ending, because she’s the type to just put her head down and work her way to the top.

* Kamala is Willie Brown’s most successful girlfriend. He has had a lot of them though. There was a good kerfuffle a few years ago. At that time, City College wanted to expand to on-line. The president of the board (an ex- girlfriend of Willie) gave a no-bid contract to a head hunter (who was also an ex-girlfriend of Willie) who found a third ex-girlfriend of Willie to head it. My guess is that any Bay Area Democratic women over 45 probably is Willie’s ex-girlfriend.
On the other hand, Willie was a really good mayor. He managed the homeless better than anyone else, he fixed Muni, he put in a good chancellor for the SF school system (later fired because she had cracked down too much on corruption), got the new Giant’s stadium built and was instrumental in creating the new UCSF/biotech corridor in the previously slummy Dogpatch area. It has been all downhill since then.

* The fact that Kamala screwed her way to success (despite feminist doctrine, still the best way for a woman to succeed – ask Hillary Clinton) does not seem to have hurt her with the California electorate.

* Most men are too gallant and most women too embarrassed to make an issue of this. I wonder if Trump will try, and what the result will be. Heck, I wonder if Biden might slip up and drop an unscripted reference to it somewhere.

* Most well-adjusted men are white knights at heart. How many men say: the smartest person I know is my wife? We know that isn’t the literal truth, but it’s a polite fiction everyone agrees with.

* I get the impression that a lot of black women see sex as inherently transactional, so maybe they won’t be bothered by that aspect of Kamala’s career. I think her prosecutor reputation could potentially be a problem if BLM doubles down on both the looting and the looting-as-reparations theme. She may have to walk a fine line assuring blacks she’s on their side, while reassuring nervous middle-class white Dems that she’s still a prosecutor at heart.

* I hadn’t realized Kamala had had a very recent facelift. OMG, the results are ghastly. Seriously, if I were a voter, I’d run away from her as fast as possible. Considering she’s from California, she should have been able to find a better doctor. Maybe he was a Republican. Actually, since a lot of doctors in many states haven’t doing elective procedures because of Covid, maybe she got a back-alley facelift. This is going to be a major campaign disaster for the Democrats. Her facelift is going to be the equivalent of Thomas Eagleton’s mental illness problems. No one will be able to unsee it.

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