Why Does The MSM Hate The Dissident Right?

Steve Sailer writes that “elites…got exposed to criticism when they went on Twitter, and thus went crazy. For example, the insanity in the mainstream media of the last 4 years about the threat supposedly posed by the Alt-Right (compared to the complete lack of attention to the much larger Antifa) may be largely due to journalists being laughed at on Twitter. A lot of people can’t deal well with criticism. They feel like they are about to be attacked by a mob and murdered when they get a few dozen tweets making fun of them.”


* As an aside, The Oregonian newspaper (in Portland) disabled all comments on articles a few months back. The reason given was to no longer provide a platform for “hate speech” However a friend on staff shared that the real reason was writers were growing angry that commenters were not just poking holes in the “facts” of their stories, but blowing large gaps in their entire narrative. It was making them feel unsafe.

* Even though the victim was far from ideal, the released footage was tailor-made for tugging at the heart strings of female SJWs, negroes, and others who are all about “feels” and impervious to facts and logic.

Why was the more illuminating footage suppressed, along with the toxicology report?

* Because it felt personal, the most violent emotions were aroused. Floyd seemed like a member of one’s private circle: an idealized friend.

* This is what happens when you accept George Floyd into your life as your savior and you begin to have a personal relationship with Him.

* There is no shortage of horrific, violent crime visited upon white people, and incredibly enough a fair amount of it is available for view on YouTube and similar platforms. At least until the site moderators find out about it. The reason a criminal like George Floyd is made into an international media sensation–while no one’s even heard of John Geer, for instance–isn’t a matter of technology. It’s a matter of which examples the owners of the mass media decide to select and amplify. And in that, a pattern exists.

* Most SJWs have a personality disorder, and they don’t deal well with the internet. The interesting thing is, the rioters are the ones who grew up with the internet. Even though they’ve had years to learn how to handle it and set emotional barriers between it and themselves, they can’t. Everything that happens on the net is personal to them. They internalize someone else’s outrage, and launch attacks on perfect strangers because of this. Trying to get people fired, or physically attacking them for their opinions, or trying to blind a stranger with lasers because you don’t like their politics, is crazy stuff.

* women are really involved in intellectual and political “conversation”. Sure they were–to some extent–reading the paper or watching the news and having opinions. But they were not a significant part of the feedback and churn. They weren’t the people writing the letters to the editor or engaging in any actual debate. With social media, now women are driving our political and “intellectual” “conversation” … isn’t it great?

* Of course, the public did not “experience a digital murder”. They experienced a “digital drug overdose”, marketed by minoritarians as “murder”.

* Anyone who wishes to know whether journalists can take a joke need only look at the heavily censored (or outright banished) comment sections of mainstream news websites. Do not even dream of criticising these people, because they have no sense of humour at all, let alone the capacity for self-reflection.

Modern-day “journalism” is a “conversation” in which reporters tell the masses exactly what they should be thinking – or else. All the excitement over the interactive nature of the online world went away the moment it became clear that the Great Unwashed might derive a great deal of pleasure from the discomfiture of political hacks being called out as political hacks rather than being deferred to as the journalists they so fondly imagine themselves to be.

Criticism, dissent, and (heaven forfend) mockery are, clearly, holdover institutions of White Privilege (boo!), so just nod your head, mouth the officially-approved platitudes, and put another BLM sign in the window, you racist lout!

* I think personalization of the internet via social media is like the La Brea Tar Pit for many people with mental health problems. An early 20’s female college student of my acquaintance posted nude photos of herself weekly on Twitter and Instagram, often with the Pansexual Pride flag in the background. She was a SJW online as well. Having lots of internet followers makes them crazier than they were when they first aspired to having followers. How do these kids ever free themselves from social media’s dopamine vicious cycle?

* The Dayton shooter, Conor Betts, killed nine. His twitter feed showed he identified as Antifa. Since Antifa doesn’t give out membership cards (Actually, like the Mafia, they claim they don’t even exist as an organization) that’s all the proof you need.

* People have always responded to stories on a personal level. Uncle Toms Cabin helped start the Civil War. The TV pictures from Vietnam strongly affected people back home.
What has changed isn’t that we have too many stories overloading our Dunbar circuits.
What has happened is that the Dunbar circle of 150 real life acquaintances no longer exists for many millenials.
The live all their life online. They literally don’t have flesh and blood friends. They rarely look up from their cell phones to acknowledge any real person’s existence.
Instead of expanding their Dunbar circle of reality to include distant stories, they’ve replaced reality with stories.

* Up until the World Wars, in the US cities and towns were run by women’s clubs. The clubs ensured the quiet environment for marriage and children that the women needed. It also ensured that anybody the women disliked ran onto severe trouble — men who hit their wives, women who violated the moral/sexual code, men who wouldn’t marry their pregnant girlfriends, and so on. Plus giving relief to people they thought worthwhile but unlucky. The women’s clubs included (of course) the wives of just about every economically important person in town, and were thus adequately funded and had adequate informal enforcement available.

Eventually the whole women’s club phenomenon was destroyed by the bureaucratization of “social work”, which is government paid, funded, and controlled.

* We all know what sparked the 2020 riots, and it’s neither racism nor the stupid Dunbar number. They weren’t organic, and I refuse to even call them the George Floyd riots as that’s just the legacy media’s cover story. It’s a left-wing insurrection, spearheaded by Antifa, funded by “philanthropists” like Soros and woke-capital DIE largesse, protected from prosecution or retaliation by astoundingly corrupt city officials seeking high status and/or reelection, and sanitized for public consumption by a “mainstream” media which long ago abandoned even the flimsiest pretense of caring about the facts, bolstered by “intellectuals” from college and university departments that should never have existed.

Like every other “revolution”, it’s all completely top-down. There is no need or purpose to explain the “nation’s outrage” because there isn’t any such outrage, it’s all made up.

And anyone who publicly uses the term “Floyd protests” is part of the group that’s behind it.

U.S. Cities with the Highest 2020 Violent Crime Rates (2010 Census Percentage of Black Residents)
1. Detroit (82.7%)
2. Memphis (63.3%)
3. Birmingham, AL (73.4%)
4. Baltimore (63.7%)
5. Flint (56.6%)

* Or look at how fast journalist moved to shut down the caustic “Learn to Code” meme that was directed at laid-off journalists.

The media came to hate the internet for permitting their version of “The News” to be challenged. That’s why media outlets are increasingly shutting down comment sections or making it more difficult to post un-PC opinions online.

* The “George Floyd” reaction was pre-planned. It all happened too quickly in too many places around the globe to suppose otherwise. Can you believe that the media from the Costco Magazine to the Smithsonian Magazine to my local credit union had all black advertisements in place within days?

Antifa photos.

* Self-appointed Guardian of Conservatism David Brooks demands that the Republican Party adopt the Anti-Sailer Strategy:

“To have any shot of surviving as a major party, the G.O.P. has to build a cross-racial alliance among working-class whites, working-class Hispanics and some working-class Blacks. None of this works unless Republicans can deracialize their appeal — by which I mean they must stop pandering to the racists in the party and stop presenting themselves and seeing themselves as the party of white people.”

* One of my favourite MSM “suggestions” of recent years was that of requiring news websites to be licensed by the government. No doubt these theoretical licenses would be administered with the able assistance of the ADL (or some other anti-crimethink organisation).

I think it may have taken as long as two seconds for people to start slagging it off as a crap idea.

Can’t you just see Ron Unz applying for one of these rarely-granted licenses and being told that his application was “under active review,” they were working very hard on rushing his license to to him, and that he could expect to receive it in the post “any day now, honest.”

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