Achievements That Can’t Be Quantified

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Years ago, PJ O’Rourke remarked that liberals tend to admire achievements (or ‘achievements’) which cannot be quantified. His example was ‘the achievement of Winnie Mandela’. What we’re seeing is that (with some qualification) those who are young and those who are female simply have no regard for the accomplishments which are the foundation for the comfortable world in which they live (and, sometimes, have no regard for the people keeping that world running in the here and now). A while back, Camille Paglia offered a vignette of her experience of having a flat tire. She noted that every single person involved in the enterprise of getting her car back on the road was male, and that professional feminists are simply dead to this reality. Being dead to this reality (and, really, any reality) lies behind this notion that you abolish the police in favor of social workers (which may be the salaried occupation most disfigured by undefined goals and an absence of operational measures of competence).

* In my progressive high school we learned that Crispus Attucks was one of the most important people ever.

His contribution to history was being black and part of the mob that taunted British soldiers and pelted them with snowballs/rocks in 1770. The red coats finally got pissed and shot him along with a few of the other troublemakers.

This of course was the “Boston Massacre.” And John Adams later got the Brits acquitted.

So Crispus was kind of like a proto-BLM martyr. I can’t remember though if he said “hands up, don’t shoot” or was a “gentle giant.”

* Bethann McLaughlin is a White, lesbian science prof that heads #MeTooStem. If you go to the website, you can see on their front page that they proudly “Removed 12 Scientists from Grants” and “Barred 55 Individuals from Peer Review.” In other words, the organization’s sole purpose is to destroy the careers of men in academia they don’t like.
Her cosplay Native American account (sciencing_bi) went on for four years, and repeatedly tweeted out all of the racism and sexism “she” faced in academia. When Covid-19 hit, “she” naturally came down with it, becoming a so-called long hauler (someone who is plagued by symptoms long after the infection has left). Then Bethann killed “her” off. Maybe she got tired of the burden of carrying on a fake life. Whatever happened, it all quickly unraveled because everyone went looking for some mention of the professor at ASU that died of Covid-19.
These hoaxes are the ultimate red-pill, and should be spread far and wide.

* “More Density” is not a winning platform in the suburbs, BLM or no. Density is exactly the WRONG way to pitch this because it gives liberals a non-racist out – “We’re not against having Black people living in my neighborhood. Diversity is wonderful! Black Lives Matter! I have the yard side to prove it. However, density – I am against density. It will destroy our environment, blah, blah, blah.”

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