The New Perry Mason

Comment: The new Perry Mason is very well done as far as sets, costumes, period details, etc. – they spent a fortune and it shows. But the plot is pure 2020. Mason has a Latina lover who is a wealthy pilot and she, not Mason, controls the terms of their relationship – she calls Mason over to service her whenever she is in the mood. Della Street is a lipstick lesbian with feminist ideas. The black cop is a good guy. All the white dudes are evil – evil cops, evil DA, evil church officials. The straight female characters (especially the Christian believers) are manipulative at best and insane at worst. The one non-evil white guy (the Lithgow character) was once a respected attorney but now he is old and his mind is fading (I think Lithgow modeled his character after Joe Biden). He might as well kill himself. Perhaps other old white men will take the hint (even Biden after the election). This has a lot more to do with 2020 than it does with 1932. I can’t think of any character who is identifiably Jewish.

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