Steve Sailer: Scott Alexander Was Right to Fear Doxing After All: CNN Doxes a Tucker Carlson Writer

This was not doxxing. Doxxing refers to revealing a home address or personal details that a person wants to hide. This Tucker Carlson writer Blake Neff “doxxed” himself. He published ugly stuff online after publicy boasting for years about how he was Tucker’s main writer and then he ran away after his posting career was publicized (deleting his Twitter and Linked-in profiles). He wanted the benefits of anonymity to sling the n-word and humiliate women he knew while at the same time wanting people to know he was Tucker’s number one guy. He was clearly anti-social. In the Washington Post, the guy said in 2017: ” “I would not necessarily oppose this city’s destruction by nuclear fireball, even if I am in it at the time.” The Post noted: “For her part, McKenzie expressed anxiety that Blake would feel moved to “trash” her in his post-date debriefing…”

It’s on Tucker for employing someone with such an anti-social bent. Tucker has often used bad judgment in the people he has hired and he brings this latest trouble on himself.

The New York Times was not threatening to doxx Scott Alexander. Scott Alexander already outed himself using his first two names and his location. Scott’s upset that the world will not necessarily yield to all his wishes. It would be weird if the New York Times wrote about him without mentioning his full name. Why should they accommodate his whims that Scott could not bother protecting? Revealing someone’s name is not “doxxing.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

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* I have been posting on autoadmit for more than 10 years now. Most regular readers there have known for a well over a year now that the poster CharlesXII was the top writer for Tucker Carlson. Neff/charles dropped lots of deliberate clues on the forum, and even worked into carlson’s scripts several references to some well known autoadmit “inside jokes.” He let his pride lead him into dangerous territory. After some time has passed, I believe that many autoadmit posters (and by the way, the site is generally known as ‘xo’) will come to admit that charles/neff’s actions led to his own downfall. Pride goeth before a fall.

* Neff certainly hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 12 years, and must know how intolerant and influential his opponents are…and more importantly, how important Tucker’s mission is. How could he have risked that for a few moments of venting?

I actually know the answer to that…because I vent in similar ways when the frustration factor with the far left gets high enough. And our country still has a first amendment…for the time being. It’s wrong that he was made to quit, but the practical truth is that if he didn’t, probably the Ted Cruz’s and Jim Jordan’s of the world would stop appearing on Tucker’s segments.

When all is said and done, however, Neff’s comments are an example of someone from the right defacing the metaphorical monuments of the left. Those monuments are eventually coming down, one way or another.

* Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and most of the the mainstream conservatives are Race Realists at heart.
They just cannot speak the truth in the public.
Ann Coulter recently joked that she has asked her realtor to find a home in a very “Diverse” neighborhood and along that tweet was a story of a Black man killing some old white guy.

As far as Leftist women are concerned.
There’s an old saying that when any society’s women start to act like the most uncouth and vilest of men, then all hope is lost for that society.

Tragically, hordes of modern white women have lost all of their feminine graces, have disfigured themselves with tramp-stamps, and have become so loud-mouthed and brutish that they are intolerable. They are seen by men throughout the world as nothing more than dim-witted whores who deserve the degrading treatment they receive at the hands of sweaty Dindus.

* Legal boards were one of the last good obscure niches on the internet where smart, creative, interesting people could have unmoderated discussion. AutoAdmit’s days are clearly numbered and JDU has already been dismantled.
I absolutely love Steve’s work and have been ardently following it since the iSteve days, but I think he’s next. AutoAdmit has (had?) maybe a few thousand users, tops, and “they” worked their way in there, so a site as prominent as this has GOT to be in the cross hairs.

* Operational Security includes the things you post online. There are no safe spaces.

* One other funny thing to point out is that the head of the ADL’s internet censorship division is a woman named Brittan Heller, who sued AutoAdmit over mean comments some posters made about her in 2007. Her husband, Nathaniel Gleicher, is the head of cybersecurity policy at Facebook.

* Recently I tried to find out how an old amour of mine was doing who’s not exactly computer literate or careful with who she provides with her information, and the only things I was able to glean was that she had tried to buy second hand furniture and liked recipes. And I’m pretty good at the old internet sleuth act.

Then when I called her up she had the balls to be disappointed that I hadn’t stalked her better.

* This should be a reality check for how people handle themselves online, including how displays comment histories.

One of the best features about Unz is the ability to post anonymously. It’s funny that some posters will take offense to this, meanwhile if you go through their comment histories for an hour, you could find enough personal tidbits to narrow their identity down to under 100 IRL individuals.

We’re approaching a point where algorithms can chew through a corpus of text and reliably extract key features — estimated age, geography, specific cultural references, etc. Anyone who posts for years under the same account is asking for trouble. should stop providing comment histories for regular accounts beyond 6 months or so. Simply doing that would make a potential doxxing more difficult.

* You expect Carlson – with the highest rated show in cable news’ history – to throw himself under the bus because Neff was careless enough to let his guard down? Neff is eminently replaceable – heck, there must a dozen iSteve regulars who could churn out his type of copy.

* How should Neff, Tucker Carlson, and Fox News, respectively, respond to this?

What is Neff’s best defense?

How should Tucker Carlson frame things?

What ideas and language can Steve and commenters here offer?

* Check out his picture. He looks strikingly similar to a nerdy (said w/ love) prematurely-balding blogger of Jewish heritage who has recently been in the news. He’s also a writer for a television show.
Garden variety case of walking stereotype.

Also, this guy was extremely sloppy in revealing personal details on that forum and slipping in Easter eggs in Tucker’s scripts.

Easter eggs being factoids or phrases that would be innocuous/unremarkable to the public at large but recognizable to members of that community as essentially shout outs. It would be like one of us getting onto a show and somehow working the word whiskey into a conversation on miscegenation and then coming on here and pointing it out.

That nexus with work would make the firing pretty automatic anywhere, even before the new normal of mass purges of the last month.

* Tucker could say, “We believe in freedom and we don’t look into our staff’s private lives, as you would not like your employer to look into your private life.”

* Carlson “throwing him under the bus” is an egregiously invalid characterization.

Neff took an extended “flyer” by posting to an outlier group–that is, outliers in the general public discourse–and got nailed by his passionate, some say crazy, opposition. So now his boss has been dragged into it, which hampers his bosses ability to communicate, which is what Carlson is paid to do.

When you have more of a voice, you are saddled with more responsibility. Carlson didn’t ask Neff to post in that forum. Neff chose to. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

CNN’s game is easy to identify: deconstruct satirical comments as literal, and mischaracterize a man’s “shorthand” flip remarks as the doors into that man’s heart–unless it’s one of them.

Neff made himself vulnerable to that game, and by doing so, brought his boss into it.

I’ve worked for many corporations. If I brought my boss unwillingly into a public shitstorm, simply because of my ego, I would expect to be fired. The specifics of the elements that produced the outcome are irrelevant. Neff could have posted “there is no god,” and if he was found out, Carlson would be right to let him go. It would be too polarizing a claim, going outside the general preview of Carlson’s show, whether Carlson agreed or not.

Neff was fucking around. His job is connected to his boss. He brought his boss into it… and that’s that.

I believe if I had Neff’s plumb job, I’d NEVER post on ANY outlier site, anonymously or not. It’s just good corporate hygiene. And for fuck’s sake! He was getting paid VERY well NOT to! That responsibility is a part of his pay scale.

Professionally, Neff was a slob. He inadvertently brought his stink to work with him. Regardless of his intent, that’s asking to be fired. Any corporation would do it. Has nothing to do with Fox in general, or Carlson’s personal inclinations in particular. More to do with Neff’s ego.

It’s ironic, but typical that the ego required for Neff to earn his professional position is the same ego that wound up cutting him off at the knees.

Neff’s antagonist to overcome isn’t Fox, or even CNN.

It’s him. His existential battle is with himself.

* It seems to me that this Neff fellow should be able to say whatever he pleases in his spare time. Is this not so?

I am intrigued by the (apparently now widely accepted) idea that what you do in your spare time reflects on your employer. Well, isn’t your spare time just that, yours?

When did it become acceptable for employers to expect their employees to toe the line, not just whilst on the job, but wherever they went, and at any time of day? How is that any different from the slavery the left so widely decries?

It seems to me that the American political right is focussed on quite the wrong things. Rather than attempting to defend what this Neff fellow said in his spare time, wouldn’t the right stand a better chance of prevailing if they couched the matter in terms of, “What Neff said in his spare time has nothing to do with the Tucker Carlson show and is no one’s business but his own”?

Isn’t it high time that the American political right flung the left’s utter lack of decency back in their teeth? Leftists can burn, loot, and destroy with impunity, but this chap makes a few innocuous remarks on a message board and that’s it, his life is over? Really?

Writers or no, if Tucker Carlson can’t turn this around and reveal these cretinous, obnoxious busybodies for who they really are, he isn’t half the man the Americans have made him out to be.

* I grew up in a WASP family. We were all inculcated in fair play, being rewarded for merit, and that nepotism was bad. Great principles, but left us all defenseless in the face of the many immigrant tribes who put loyalty to the clan above all.

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