WSJ: How You Feel Depends on Where You Are

From the WSJ:

”Controlling for a person’s personality, we also saw that many of the places they spent time in affected how they thought and felt in the moment,” said Prof. Harari. “People feel more extroverted, more agreeable, more conscientious, when they are in other places, compared to when they are at home,” she said, while “people feel more disorganized and chaotic when they are at home.”

That’s a finding business leaders might ponder as they consider whether to make remote working the norm after the pandemic subsides. When people spent time in social environments, they also felt more compassionate, open-minded and kind compared to when they were at home.

I suspect Blake Neff worked from home.

I suspect an increasing number of employers will require their employees to notify them about their social media presence, including accounts under pseudonyms.

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