Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* We used to have decent investigative journalists in America. Still, at this point, nobody has come up with a clear, logical, convincing story on how Epstein got a hold of so much money. What did he do all those years to acquire that money? The last real job he had was with Bear Stearns in the very early 80s, from which he was fired for some misconduct or another.

* I’ve always assumed Laine was being watched by several I’tel agencies and some US law enforcement and where ever she was it wasn’t anonymous. She could have been picked up any time.
So why now? Can this have anything to do with the election 4 months away? What can Big Bill Barr do to gum up the works and does he even want to? Is she going to be offered bail or have to stay in that joint in NYC Epstein couldn’t survive?
I guess the only thing we know is she has a lot to tell and quite a few people that just wish she’d go away.

* She’s the madame at the center of the mothership of Mossad honeypot operations. So, Robert Maxwell’s daughter will commit suicide just like her dad and Jeffery and her confessions will lay the groundwork for a narrative that reveals the REAL sex-trafficking villains to be The Russians and their controlled asset in The White House.

* I have to admit I’m surprised she was still in the US. Her Dad was an Israeli spy and she was clearly running a spy group for someone.

* I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Berman was fired in the SDNY two weeks before Maxwell was charged in the same district.

Berman impeding an investigation against his co-ethnics? Impossible! That would be like saying Maxwell was seeking refuge at the Israeli Embassy in Paris! Oh wait, nevermind.

* Ghislaine’s action-girl lifestyle – pilot, submariner, international woman of mystery and so forth – shows that even a real-life Lara Croft can’t live beyond the reach of the the law.

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