The price of checking your ‘white privilege’ may be high

Jonathan Tobin writes: “American Jews have elevated social justice above every other aspect of Jewish life. However, they have forgotten that justice is impossible without the rule of law. Checking their privilege in this manner is itself an example of how disconnected they are from reality. They’re also having trouble understanding that they are still living in a world where security is a necessity for Jews, and that their community cannot defend itself with good intentions and virtue signaling.”

June 17, Tobin wrote: “Civil-rights groups used to understand that the best guarantee for the defense of liberty was to protect free speech, even when it came from people they opposed. But now groups like the ADL are on a crusade to shut down speech and, based on the records of social-media companies and their left-leaning algorithms, the most likely victims are conservative voices, including Jews like Dennis Prager or Ben Shapiro, whose widely shared posts infuriate their opponents.”

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