How To Stop Illegal Fireworks?

From the comments at Steve Sailer:

* Matt Drudge must be under sedation. This kind of story would top his page in his heydey. Now he’s hardly updated anything from yesterday.

* Maybe they should have Jason Pierre-Paul talk to these firework kids.

* Cops show up in force with nightsticks and riot gear to a randomly chosen fireworks call. Scofflaws w fireworks are beaten severely and left bruised and bloodied in the street. Ambulances are told not to respond.

Ok, it’s “mean.” It will also stop your problem in one night. But we can’t have nice things anymore.

* That’s more or less how the LAPD stopped Mexicans from shooting their pistolas in the air to celebrate, which used to get a couple of innocent bystanders killed. The LAPD ran a lot of public service announcements against celebratory shooting, then killed a few drunk shooters.

* The demographics in New York City no longer exist to support a critical mass of criminals and thugs. The city has by and large been gentrified. Blacks have been replaced. It is same thing that is going on throughout the country. This is the last gasp of Blacks to remain relevant in face of the tsunami of immigration.

* Tucker Carlson’s been doing everything he can to call out Trump on his incompetence and lack of leadership while maintaining not-so-plausible plausible deniability-not dropping the name-ever since the pandemic started, back when the rest of the ditto-heads on FOX were dismissing the virus as a novo-flu.

They are only going to succeed in making his show more popular, the advertisers. Why? Because regardless of whether you agree with Carlson or not, he at least shows a modicum of intellectual *independence*, and a refusal to be cowed into giving that up. He’s not willing to slay every GOP sacred cow, but he’s slayed an impressive amount while remaining honest about his right-wing beliefs. That’s more than you can say about most media people.

* “The Irishman” has a brief bit about the Italian American Civil Rights League, which was basically Mafia Lives Matter until its mobster founder got rubbed out.

* I live in a small urban area (“urban” literally and as euphemism).

Yes, apparently Memorial Day is now the urban “Black Friday” for 24/7 fireworks leading up to July 4th.

Also, yes, “Juneteenth” has been opportunistically pulled out of nowhere to become an instant Old Tradition amongst all urbanites everywhere in the year 2020. Been living here 25 years, and nobody cared about no Juneteenth before, no how. Before this year I had not heard of it actually being recognized or celebrated outside of Texas (I believe) where it began.

“Fireworks” – The problem is M-80s and firecracker strings set off everywhere and all night long. M-=80s are not fireworks; they are small bombs with no visual effect just heart-stopping noise. Their purpose is not to entertain with sparkling display, but is strictly aggression by concussion. That and an utter indifference to others.and stupidity to enjoy this. This whole story and comment thread is distorted by the failure to distinguish amongst which “fireworks” are the problem.

M-80s serve the same anti-social, small-minded purpose as “boom cars” and loud motorcycles (rice rockets and Harleys, both. They are not for the enjoyment of anyone including their users, other than the enjoyment of giving a big FU continually.

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