Do We Need An Exit Strategy In Afghanistan?

Dennis Prager said on his radio show today: I thought if Afghanistan was the good war? I don’t care that 48% of Americans want to leave. What will happen if we leave?

The notion that we need an exit strategy. I thought that if you were at war, you need a victory strategy. Exit strategies are needed by the loser. I want to know the difference between exit strategy and losing? I am unfamiliar with any distinction possible.

This notion by Nancy Pelosi and others that we need an exit strategy. No we don’t. We need a victory strategy. If it takes 20 years, it will take 20 years. Meanwhile, Americans will be more safe.

We don’t need an exit strategy from South Korea. We’ve had troops in South Korea since 1954. There’s been no exit strategy. So long as there is no war with the North Koreans and the Chinese, isn’t it worth it?

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