Black America’s Attachment To Barack Obama

Dennis Prager did his radio show today from Zambia.

He notes that a new poll shows that only 19% of Americans believe Obama that healthcare reform won’t add to the federal budget deficit.

"The man is so far left that only the left will support. Unions will support him because they get a great payoff and they’re on the left.

"There is no other reason to support him.

"Black America will support him because black America is politically but not socially on the left. They feel a personal relationship to the president. They have a sense of, his failure is their failure and his success is their success. It’s understandable but very unfortunate. One should not be tied that way."

"When a president who is not personally disliked has bad poll numbers, it is particularly bad because people are saying, it’s not you Barack Obama, we can’t stand your policies."

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