Gravity Is Racist

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Trump’s upper middle class blue state tax increase caused a complete meltdown of the GOP in Southern California.

OC’s congressional delegation went from 4-2 GOP to 0-6 Dem from 2016 to 2018.

San Diego is going from a GOP mayor to not even having a GOP candidate because the top-2 primary was won by two Dems, though both are pro-biz moderates. The same is happening to a GOP seat in the county board of supervisors, which was for a long time all GOP.

Last year in Mayor Falconer’s old district a GOP incumbent was defeated by a corrupt lesbian doctor who was sued by an insurance company for a false disability claim. She claimed to be so disabled she couldn’t work, but then ran for public office!

I agree the local police are underpaid. Starting salaries are half what they are in the bay area.

The bright side is the GOP is surviving still in the suburbs, and the new crop of Dems like Bry and Gloria are woke in word but conservative in deed. The reactionary NIMBY element is strong, as their base are still older white and asian homeowners.

* The Woke choke hold on information available to the public has got to be the single biggest problem in our nation today. My Google News feed is all non-news Narrative propaganda from CNN, USA Today, and NYT about NASCAR banning confederate flags, Trump refusing to rename military bases, and attempts to restart the discredited Covid hoax.

Meanwhile, totally blacked out by the MSM, a designated domestic terrorist group has seized control of a large chunk of Seattle and declared an “Autonomous Zone,” like some kind of ISIS Caliphate. They are armed and extorting money from the residents, while the police cower and retreat like the Iraqi army at Mosul.

How in God’s name is that not headline news! Will all this insanity finally wake up the normies to the utter corruption and dishonesty of the media?

* For some reason Orange County, 3.2 million people, 2% black, has been heavily targeted for protests. I think we had 30 going on in various cities on Saturday. Huntington and Newport Beach seem to be a favorite targets so maybe Newsom put us on a hit list. Things seemed to have calmed down the last few days, though. Maybe the 90 degree heat has deterred people or the kids got too many blisters from all their marches. Orange County juries tend to side with cops so not sure what the organizers thought they’d accomplish after their defund the police position came out. What they did accomplish is make a lot more people even more determined to vote any Democrat on the ballot out of office in the upcoming election.

* I think a lot of [the apologizers] are just normal middle-class Americans who do not know what they are up against.

Ever been in that situation in the grocery store when you almost collide with another cart, you are pretty sure that it was the other guy’s fault, but you still say “Sorry”?

Normal middle-class behavior tries to smooth over social interaction. If the other guy smiles and says, “Oh hey, I’m sorry,” then he is middle-class, too. Middle-class people (of all races) are future-oriented: they avoid minor social mishaps so they can focus on important things.

I.e., normal middle-class people are not concerned about “micro-aggressions.” They start off assuming the other guy is a person of good will.

And so they are disarmed when they have to deal with people who do not have good will for their fellow man.

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