Steve Sailer: Will Black Anti-Semitism Once Again Short-Circuit the Latest Peak Black Moment?

Sailer writes:

Black people periodically go through boom eras when white people can’t seem to get enough of them, such as in the late 1960s and then in the late 1980s-early 1990s. But blacks then overplay their hand and step on the wrong toes, usually Jewish ones. Black anti-Semitism launched neo-conservatism in the late 1960s (along with Israel’s victory in 1967) (see Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic for how Leonard Bernstein’s fundraising party for the Black Panthers foundered upon Jewish resentment of Black Power shakedowns of their shopkeeper relatives). Black anti-Semitism later brought a media backlash against the Spike Lee-gangsta rap-Minister Farrakhan era 30 years ago.

Now, one of the founders of gangsta rap, movie star Ice Cube of NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” fame, who used Black Muslim’s Fruit of Islam bodyguards to battle the Easy-E/Jerry Heller axis’s employment of Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense Force, is airing out his resentments of Jews again:

This mural was known as Freedom for Humanity. Only two of the six old-time financiers depicted are Jewish (Lord Rothschild and Paul Warburg) but the general style is pretty Weimar/Nazi-ish. It was painted by a white guy pal of Shepherd Fairey (of blue-red Obama poster fame) who calls himself Mear One.

We’ll see what happens next, but, much as everybody is currently forgetting, we have been down these paths before.

Tom Wolfe says:

But if the Bernsteins thought their main problem at this point was a bad press, they were wrong. A controversy they were apparently oblivious of suddenly erupted around them. Namely, the bitterness between Jews and blacks over an issue that had been building for three years, ever since Black Power became important. The first inkling the Bernsteins had was when they started getting hate mail, some of it apparently from Jews of the Queens-Brooklyn Jewish Defense League variety. Then the League’s national chairman, Rabbi Meir Kahane, blasted Lenny publicly for joining a “trend in liberal and intellectual circles to lionize the Black Panthers . . . We defend the right of blacks to form defense groups, but they’ve gone beyond this to a group which hates other people. That’s not nationalism, that’s Naziism. And if Bernstein and other such intellectuals do not know this, they know nothing.”

The Jewish Defense League had been formed in 1968 for the specific purpose of defending Jews in low-rent neighborhoods, many of which are black. But even many wealthier and more cultivated Jews, who look at the Defense League as somewhat extremist, Low Rent and gauche, agreed essentially with the point Kahane was making. One of the ironies of the history of the Jews in America was that their long championship of black civil liberties had begun to backfire so badly in the late 1960s. As Seymour Lipset has put it, “The integrationist movement was largely an alliance between Negroes and Jews (who, to a considerable extent, actually dominated it). Many of the interracial civil-rights organizations have been led and financed by whites, and the majority of their white members have been Jews. Insofar as a Negro effort emerged to break loose from involvement with whites,from domination of the civil-rights struggle by white liberals, it meant concretely a break with Jews, for they were the whites who were active in these movements. The Black Nationalist leadership had to push whites (Jews) ‘out of the way,’ and to stop white (Jewish) ‘interference’ in order to get whites (Jews) ‘off their backs.’”

Meanwhile, Black Power groups such as SNCC and the Black Panthers were voicing support for the Arabs against Israel. This sometimes looked like a mere matter of black nationalism; after all, Egypt was a part of Africa, and black nationalist literature sometimes seemed to identify the Arabs as blacks fighting the white Israelis. Or else it looked like merely a commitment to world socialism; the Soviet Union and China supported the Arabs against the imperialist tools, the Israelis. But many Jewish leaders regarded the anti-Zionist stances of groups like the Panthers as a veiled American-brand anti-Semitism, tied up with such less theoretical matters as extortion, robbery and mayhem by blacks against Jews in ghetto areas. They cited things like the August 30, 1969, issue of Black Panther, which carried an article entitled “Zionism (Kosher Nationalism) + Imperialism = Fascism” and spoke of “the fascist pigs.” The June, 1967, issue of another Panther publication, Black Power, had carried a poem entitled “Jew-Land,” which said:

Jew-Land, On a summer afternoon, Really, Couldn’t kill the Jews too soon,
Now dig. The Jews have stolen our bread
Their filthy women tricked our men into bed
So I won’t rest until the Jews are dead . . .
In Jew-Land, Don’t be a Tom on Israel’s side
Really, Cause that’s where Christ was crucified.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Jews have survived as a people and will continue to do so. Others who disparage them ought to look at their own people and ask if they also can likely make that claim, and, if not, perhaps first get their own house in order.

Israel is, in essence-translated into English-based on a simple concept: We must secure the existence of Jewish people and the future of Jewish children. They seem, for all their flaws and eccentricities and the occasional outrage, to be succeeding at that.

* I think Steve is referring to Podhoretz Sr.’s notorious 1963 article “My Negro Problem & Ours”, were he famously alluded to his ‘insane rage’ at Black antisemitism. While one can dispute its significance, it’s not crazy to consider it one of the earliest manifestations of neo-conservatism. I seem to recall the teachers strike of 1968 and the concomitant rift between Blacks and Jews as being an epiphany for some neo-conservatives as well.

* CrossFit CEO Gregg Glassman was just canned (or will be shortly) for irreverence to the cult of St. Floyd. The gist of his sinning Tweet or Instagram or whatever was calling the current riots FLOYD-19 in a play on the claim that racism is a public health crisis.

In related news, the head of the NYT Op-Ed department was liquidated after a mutiny of Fragile-American staff over his decision to publish a hum-drum GOPe, muh law-and-order Tom Cotton opinion piece.

Jewsish tradition has a notable streak of irreverence and backtalk toward the divine; I think it therefore likely, more than anti-Zionism, that the stifling, revival tent-style of cow-eyed conformity required by the Great Awokening is what will turn off Jewish people . I can imagine a based, 13 year old Stephen Miller wannabe out there hand-crafting his I own black “I can’t joke!” facemasks in a suburban basement somewhere.

Here are comments on another Steve Sailer thread about gay pride organizers wanting to hold a Black Lives Matter rally:

* Blacks pulled rank, and showed who’s boss among the “oppressed.” What’s more interesting is how blacks will react to the multitudinous hordes of white ” allies” who are busy out-hystericizing their black idols. I expect the blacks will sharply put them in their place soon – and then what will those “whiggers” do, who have staked their entire identity on rejection of the “bad guys” in history, their brother whites?

* Whites legally requesting a parade permit is racist. Blacks looting injuring killing and committing arson is virtuous and admirable. We’ve been told that since the 1964 Watts riots What else is new?

* Trannies include that subset of drug-addicted prostitutes, who are disproportionately black.

Homosexuals, at least since the end of “fruit patrols” in the distant past, have long been friendly with law enforcement. Natural allies in gentrification. Female police would barely exist without a heavy lesbian contingent. And gay men are always going to be well-disposed to clean-cut fit men in uniform.

* A lot of gays in Europe are beginning to realize that mass Muslim immigration is going to mean that they will get it in the neck sooner or later. Like Jews, they will never get above 2% of the population so they opt to try to turn the demographics into a plurality to where no one group, including the indigenous population can dominate. But mass immigration brings other problems and that strategy turns out to spoil a good thing. Worse, they end up being seen for being the traitors they are and lose the good will of the majority of the population earning them worst of both worlds.

Being the stupid party, the Republicans will probably end up taking these refugees in from the Democratic coalition only to be rewarded with betrayal and a knife in the back. The old white liberals that run the Democratic party are through. In fact, I don’t see how Biden can hang on for even this election cycle. Perhaps if he kisses the feet of Negroes every day they will tolerate him for a while but eventually they will want more free shit then he can give them and he will have to walk the plank.

In a Machiavellian sense, Gays have been wise not to split their vote and they have picked their side. They don’t get caught up on infighting or dilute their vote which gives them power but it also subjects them to catastrophic failure if things go wrong. In the Prince, Machiavelli wrote that a small country between two much larger ones will not benefit by being neutral. Neither of the larger countries will respect their neutrality and when that country is inevitably occupied, it won’t receive any mercy from the victor or the loser. There is no reason for the right to try and help the splinter groups on the left or accommodate them. They will be fleeing from the Democrats soon enough and will just be happy not to have been made into a bar of soap.

* This sort of bullying of gay organizers from blacks has been a long time coming, I started noticing it a few years ago when black lives matters groups would randomly interrupt gay pride parades and demand that the police not be allowed to march. Of course the spineless twits who have assumed leadership in most LGBTXENU organizations bowed down to their demands. Well, they made their bed and now they get to lie in it. They should’ve put their foot down and told them to F off, gays are supposed to be one of the protected sacred groups, they had a shot at standing their ground and making sure their turf was respected. Too late now, the negroes smelled blood and now they have an excuse to really express how much they are disgusted by us in a socially acceptable way. Bye bye dumb parade.

* Gay men have lost most of their “protected status”, using anti-gay slurs and making jokes about gays hardly gets a reaction in comparison to the meltdown insulting blacks would cause. Gays are just perceived as too white to often too middle class to warrant much benefit from political correctness.

* Think Globally. Steal Locally.

* The most ‘red-pilled’ people I’ve ever met were from Brussels. Even young liberal women from upper middle class backgrounds. I’d never considered it but they’re genuinely scared in a city like that. She told me a story of once getting trapped in a cinema when some arabs went riot outside. She was 17 at the time. She and her friends were terrified about what might happen if they’d stepped outside before the police broke it up.

To put this in perspective, I did not lead her into this conversation, such lines with people you don’t know are dangerous. She told me, despite it being highly likely from my background that I’d be horrified at her ‘racism’.

* Circa 1988 when the anti-nuclear/anti-military/anti-US protests in Europe were running out of steam, there was a news photo from, I think, West Germany that showed how riot police had contained a bunch of protesters and then compressed them into a human square about 100′ on a side. As I remember it, the police were holding the perimeter with just a single thin black line of riot troops, while the surplus officers who were no longer in contact with the protesters just chatted and smoked amiably on the sidelines.

It was a very arresting and comic image, because it had so many themes going on at once:

• the extreme efficiency of German/Euro law enforcement
• the strong German will to Order: not only were the protesters contained, they were contained in a dense, perfect square
• the bored look on the faces of the disengaged, lounging officers: yeah, just another at the office…
• the dogged idealism of the protesters, who were still holding their signs and shouting their slogans even as their highly contained circumstance made the whole exercise absurd, to which the protesters seemed oblivious
• the visual implication that whatever complaint it was the protesters had, it was a spent force
• the casual way life continued as normal around the human square, even as the unkempt protesters continued their disorder within the square, which spoke to the way that in crowded Europe, orderly Europeans compartmentalize, contain and bypass disorder

* Man arrested for wearing blackface in Toronto.

* If you’re an ally of a movement whose premises defame your people, your country, and your history those on the business end of that defamation have no obligation to give you the benefit of the doubt.

* The opening sentence of the NY Post article you linked is highly misleading.

Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community registered its outrage over the racially charged police-custody death of George Floyd Sunday,

The very next paragraph begins,

More than 200 demonstrators, nearly all of them Orthodox Jews,

Even if the total number of demonstrators were double that, i.e. 400, it would still be but a minuscule fraction of Brooklyn’s total Orthodox Jewish population. Said population, like Orthodox Jewry in general, is actually composed of many different and even quite distinct communities. There is much fractionation and multiple layers of subsets.

Note that in the photos of the demonstrators that accompany the article, one can clearly see women dressed in a manner that flagrantly violates even the most lenient of the standards of modesty that vary across the Orthodox spectrum. While one can find such individuals who are affiliated with a synagogue that is at least nominally Orthodox, in lifestyle and outlook they are actually closer to non-Orthodox Jews than to serious, devout, rigorously Orthodox Jews.

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