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* Jacob Frey gave a TV interview in which he literally said the death of Floyd was murder. Then he gave a lengthy talk at a press conference in which he repeatedly seemed about to burst into tears about murderer Chauvin not being under arrest; as if as Mayor he was powerless to order Chauvin jailed. But Frey was clearly not powerless to have his order to abandon the 3rd Precinct obeyed, and to a mob that proceed to burn it down. Not even the Assault On Precinct 13 ‘s filmmakers conceived of such a scenario.

Jacob was elected in the aftermath of two fatal police shootings, one of an unarmed 24-year-old black by white cops that led to substantial and sustained (though underreported because Obama was pres) demonstrations, so Frey knew that his statements could bring people onto the streets. I think he associated such protests with his political stock going up as as they had previously, when they took him from young community organiser to Mayor.

A University of Minnesota political science professor Larry Jacobs said Frey was “out of his depth” as shown by his failure to realise what failing to hold the line at the station house would lead to.

* NBA star JR Smith had his windshield hit by an antifa. Smith subsequently beat the living hell (On camera including a punch to the head while the much smaller guy was on the ground) out of him despite being much bigger than the guy and the guy no longer being a threat. Smith’s defense is basically “But I’m a black man, he should have been hitting the windshields of white people, also he’s white”.

* Why do you think Trump and local authorities are allowing these riots? What’s their motive? Incompetence?

It seems like Anti-Fa is remarkably well-organized. They’re being flown city to city, causing anarchy with minimal reprecussions. For whatever reason, the police are hardly doing anything to contain them.

According to local Blacks in various places, it’s Anti-Fa (not Blacks) who are starting the riots and doing most of the severe damage (like burning down the police station in Minneapolis). Though most of the looting seems to be done by Blacks after Anti-Fa starts the riots.

A stunningly high fraction of the protesters in these major cities are White. Even in Detroit.

* Actually it reminds me of the Prague Spring. In previous times the Soviet forces would have ruthlessly killed protestors to put it down. In 1968 the Soviet soldiers couldn’t bring themselves to shoot them. Plenty of Soviet armour was set on fire similar to the police cars. The scenes of chaos are where the police are scared to act.

But the dynamic is different here, the Prague Spring was a national movement for autonomy and ethnic self-determination. Here was have a specific small minority (A central feature of the many riots from African Americans is that in other contexts this would be the beginning of an independence movement but African Americans don’t have a homeland, they were brought to America) asserting collective solidarity. They are joined by other protestors who want to express outrage at the killing of George Floyd but otherwise have no real concrete agenda other than animus against Trump/whites. How long can protests without concrete objectives last? It doesn’t seem to threaten revolution.

The arsonists and serious rioters need a critical mass of people on the streets to get away with their violence, if that number drops below that, they won’t be able or inclined to try it. The riots will fizzle out in at most 10 days but probably 8. That will leave only traditional protest marches and the antifa running around. Of course it looks like the other 3 cops will be acquitted and even Chauvin may be too, if and when that is announced there will be another night at least of serious rioting.

* All this talk of foreign intervention and hardly a mention of the foreigner chiefly responsible for these white rioters, George Soros. There’s been no mention at all in the fake news MSM.

* 2 things seem to be happening.

1. Overwhelmingly White Anti-Fa/Anarchist types are destroying property and causing damage.
2. Mostly Black rioters are stealing stuff.

* A rubicon has been crossed. Everyone now realizes a vote for Biden and the liberals means more looting and riots. This isn’t the 1960s. Everyone who uses social media is aware the riots are just an excuse to loot, despite the left’s feeble attempts to hide this. The left has lost the middle.

Now when everyone thinks of the left, they’ll automatically associate it with vandalism and looting.

* Doesn’t any sort of social distancing enforcement have to end now? How could anyone respect government edicts on business closures after this week?

* Well, the irony is that Christian Cooper did not want this whole scenario to go so far. Many animal rights activists were more upset with her because she was severely yanking the collar of her Cocker Spaniel.

It seems to me that Christian is the anti-Minnesota, city burner, black man. Notice msm dropped this story from the moment that Christian accepted Amy’s apology and, on record, stated that he did not wish to have led this to her losing her job. In other words, he did not accept the role of the victim in this incident.

Frankly, because I am a dog-lover, I think the dog was the victim and Amy was a just a garden-variety SJW asshole…and generally, the type of women I loathe.

* A week of this has exhausted me. The evil of the rioters, lies of the media, stupidity of the people, cynicism and cowardice of our leaders, is discouraging.
At times like this it is good to set your feet on the high road and remind yourself how things should be.
In a civil democracy the police work for us to protect us from criminals. We are loyal to the police and they are loyal to us. When a question arises whether a policeman has himself committed a crime, we take a deep breath, ask all the right questions, listen to many sides of the case, and render as just and wise a judgement as we are able. We have formal procedures, courts, to make this possible. When the verdict comes down we accept it, whether with satisfaction or with reservation.
Wouldn’t it be great to live in that world?

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