The New York Times Makes It As Painful As Possible To Cancel Your Subscription

Normally, when you want to cancel an online subscription, you simply click cancel on your account on their website. But not with the New York Times. They are the Comcast-quality customer service of newspapers. No matter how many times I indicate I don’t want to talk to anyone, I just want to cancel, they keep barraging me with questions.

I was fine with paying $8 a month for a New York Times subscription but once they and the Los Angeles Times bumped me to $15 a month, I canceled, just as I canceled the Wall Street Journal when they tried to bump me to $40 a month rather than $10.

No means no! This New York Times attitude does not make me feel safe.

PS. I ended up taking the great deal the NY Times offered me.

PPS. Bud: “There was a gym i joined in addition to my local gym because it was 24/7 and pretty cheap. To shut off the month to month membership it couldn’t be done on website, I went to the gym front desk and was told i had to write a snail mail letter to the company hq in Colorado.”

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