Millenial Woes Retires From Nationalism

Colin emails:

Millennial Woes recently watched your livestream about himself and informed me that you had a few things wrong.

“He says that I was reported on by “a local newspaper” – no, it was the front page of the most widely-read newspaper in Scotland, and then articles in another seven or eight newspapers in Scotland and England.He also says that, after the doxing, I spent 18 months being totally inactive – bollocks, I actually responded to it with the most productive and successful year on my channel (2017). He also says that my best work was interviews with other people – presumably because this is the only material of mine that he has watched. Finally, he says that I have never held down a job. This is not really true; in my teens and early twenties I did hold down jobs – if that caliber of job qualifies, though I’m guessing he would say it doesn’t.”

Bob* emails:

Hi Luke, i remember Woesy gave a talk on “Withnail and I” at the London Forum. Like him I am a former art student (designer.)
He is still part of that world internally. The attendees at the LF were bemused by this talk. It was my only real life contact with dissident right folk. I beat a hasty retreat.I maybe maladjusted and marginal but I’m a different kind of loser to those guys.

I agree with your analysis. I would only add that there is a British reticence which he and I share and which is alien to Americans and Aussies.

He would have benefited from a spell of discomfort such as tree planting or building work. Or just sparing. I spar with my son and laugh at him when he whines. He loves me more because of it. The cruelest fathers are indifferent to their children, like the P.E. coach who gave me a B even though I was hopeless and lazy. He gave up on me.

You do good work undermining the preposterous egos of “the movement”.

God bless you Luke.

Ps. Woes needs to repent and let God break him.

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