Jews, Non-Jews & The Corona Virus

What are the biggest differences between how Jews and non-Jews deal with the Corona Virus? Christians seem more serene, Jews seem more kvetchy and preppy.

Every Jew knows the best doctor and they will happily tell you about him because Jews love to educate.

I notice that Jews tend to have stronger opinions on the virus and what should be done (their prescriptions are all over the map) than non-Jews. Jews are all about this world while Christians and Muslims think more about the next world.

It seems like every Jew in LA has a guy named Victor who advises him on the stock market. I hear Jews analyzing stocks this week with the fervor the goyim reserve for sports.

PS. Is the Trump administration subsidizing the energy and farm sectors because they primarily vote Republican?

PPS. People say the Fed has shot its wad. I don’t buy it. Surely there are more bonds and things they can buy to inflate the economy? If the Federal government wants to do something, if it wants to convict you of something, it can.

David Pinsen: “Yes, they have unlimited ammo and could buy corporate bonds or even stocks if they wanted to. But fiscal stimulus would be more effective.”

Arnelsmom: “It’s hard to stimulate spending when people aren’t going shopping because of a lethal pathogen rather than a lack of liquidity. The only way to stimulate the economy is with intelligently targeted wage and welfare packages to help marginal families and industries make it through.”

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