ABC: Former alt-right member on how hate groups get people to join: ‘It was presented as wholesome’

From ABC News:

During her mid-20s, Samantha spent about a year of her life embroiled in a white supremacist hate group.

“I never thought of myself as a racist person, but I was,” she said.

Samantha, who asked for her last name not to be used, was involved in the group “Identity Evropa.”

“When you’re in there, you think that you just know the truth…[that] white people are more intellectually capable than other people… White people were the best,” Samantha said.

“I started to believe that…there is some sort of white genocide happening,” Samantha continued. “I start[ed] to use the phrasing and the language…that there is an overwhelming majority of Jewish people in media and banking…and you start to ask yourself, are Jewish people white?”

Hunter Wallace responds.

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